about the project

Localy wants to support young people to effectively contribute to addressing environmental problems in their localities, by providing them with the skills needed to design community-based projects to address an environmental issue, implement the projects, evaluate the results and document what they have done. In so doing, Localy will increase local awareness of environmental issues, as well as local support for youth organisations that serve their communities.

Localy is centred on the development of an innovative toolkit designed specifically for non-formal learning: it will be handson, allowing young people to engage in experiential learning and to act within their communities. Youth workers will be trained and will support the piloting of the Localy toolkit with 5 groups across 4 countries. The impacts of the pilot (learning, awareness-raising, environmental impacts) will be evaluated, to support the broad dissemination of the Localy toolkit.

the problem

Climate change is a worldwide phenomenon that has accumulated across the globe. The increasing global temperatures cause sea levels to rise and lead to a higher frequency of extreme weather events, including floods, droughts, and storms. This phenomenon significantly affects urban areas, cities, and towns, resulting in the loss of habitats and green spaces, elevated pollution levels, increased consumption and waste, among other challenges.

In Europe, 75% of the population resides in towns and cities, and global estimates indicate that cities contribute to 75% of global CO2 emissions.

At the same time, urban areas have the greatest potential for creating effective green solutions.

the solution

Youth organizations can play a great(er) role in addressing local environmental problems. They need the know-how in building future green urban solutions.

LOCALY aims to empower young people to mitigate environmental problems within their local communities. It will develop an innovative toolkit containing learning materials specifically adapted to the needs of youth organizations, and that will lead young people through a process of exploration and reflection, problem identification, solution development, community-based implementation, evaluation and presentation.

Project partnership

Youth workers will be trained and will support the piloting of the Localy toolkit with 5 partners across 4 countries.